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Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition

Constructivism in Photoshop Digital Gallery

The images in this slideshow are from the recent Photoshop class for adults called Constructivism in Photoshop. The course was a 6-week virtual course led by the teaching artist, Jill Wiggins. Each week, the students learned about a different Constructivist artist and then used their style as inspiration to create their own work.

Constructivism was an early twentieth-century art genre in Russia that was inspired by the 1917 revolution. After the overthrow of the imperialist government, there was an air of hope that the new Communist regime would create a utopian Russia. This art style was characterized by utilitarian designs using basic shapes and simple color palettes due to the limited inks available. This genre also gave rise to the earliest photo montages.


The artists that inspired the work include El Lissitzky, Alexander Rodchenko, the Stenberg Brothers, Gustav Klutsis, and Nikolai Prusakov.

2023 MCG to Yellowstone Trip

This summer, selected Manchester Craftsmen's Guild students will engage in experiences preparing them for THE trip to Yellowstone National Park in Montana!

Students will be introduced to nature, national parks, and conservation. They will explore canyons, waterfalls, geyser basins, and enjoy engaging activities including animal tracking, wildlife watching, photography, painting, and hiking.

All expenses including airfare, lodging, meals, private guided tours and gear have been generously provided by foundations and donors of MCG.

Important Dates:

  • April 21 - Application deadline

  • May 12 - Students notification

  • June 2 - Information session

  • June 15 - Gear pick up & hike

  • June 27 - Hiking experience

  • August 11 - Last hike experience

  • August 14 - 18: Yellowstone Trip

To Apply for this year's trip:


For more than 50 years, the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild has been a champion for youth, art and education in Pittsburgh. Historically, MCG has hosted an annual juried arts exhibition where talented students from Pittsburgh Public Schools competed for accolades and awards. The MCG Invitational continues this tradition of serving Pittsburgh area high-school students. By providing this opportunity, the MCG Invitational will highlight talent, reward achievement, and encourage hope among those who might otherwise be overlooked.


The MCG Invitational seeks to recognize excellence and extol achievement demonstrated by youth in urban and economically disadvantaged communities. By heralding these values, this exhibition will reward meritorious students with cash awards, prizes and post-secondary education scholarships.

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