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MCG Youth & Arts Becomes MCG Youth!

We are excited to announce the complete rebranding of MCG Youth! In addition to dropping the "& Arts" from our name, we will be implementing a new logo and visual style to unify the MCG Youth brand.

The new MCG Youth logo mark is inspired by the many arches incorporated into the architecture of the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild center as well as the geometric shapes featured in the large mural which greets visitors in the main lobby.

The shapes created within the mark abstractly form the letters MCG. The mark is simple, bold, dynamic, and flexible in its applications. It appeals to youth while reflecting the creative and aspirational nature of the MCG Youth programs and culture.

Finally, we have restructured our website in an effort to improve usability. This new web page marries the visual style of MCG Youth while emphasizing our mission, vision, and values. We look forward to the next phase of Manchester Craftsmen's Guild mission of light, art, and education.

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